Every Driver Needs These Easy Car Hacks

by Maddi Butler

If you’re always busy and are looking to make your life just a little bit easier, try these easy life hacks that can help you drive smarter and even protect your car from damage.

Take stickers off with wet newspaper

Regret a bumper sticker? Can’t seem to remove an old registration sticker? Try wetting a piece of newspaper with warm water and place the paper over the sticker for 10-15 minutes. This softens the sticker and the sticky backing, making it easier to wipe away. You can use a credit card to gently scrape off any residue, but be careful not to scratch the paint.

Use toothpaste to clean foggy headlights

If your car headlights aren’t as crystal clear as they once were, try using toothpaste to repair headlights that have become scuffed and cloudy. This can be done by first washing your car headlights with soap and water. Then, once they’re dry, tape around the headlights with masking tape so the toothpaste doesn’t damage your paint. Finally, squeeze a dab of toothpaste onto a clean cloth, scrub the headlights, and rinse with water. Toothpaste contains mild abrasives, which can remove the cloudy layer and fill in small scratches.

Protect your doors with pool noodles

Getting in and out of your car without dinging your door can be a challenge if you have to park in a tight space. Pool noodles make great, inexpensive bumpers. Simply cut the noodle in half and attach it to the wall or any other solid objects (such as a railing or stairs) that your door would hit to prevent scratches. You could also attach a noodle where the front of your car goes in the garage, just in case you pull too far forward.

Organize your trunk

Milk crates or laundry baskets are an inexpensive, easy way to organize your trunk. Use a basket or crate to hold stray items such as reusable grocery bags or gym equipment. These can also be used to keep items from rolling around your trunk and can even protect fragile items from breaking, meaning you won’t find an unpleasant surprise in your trunk when you park.

Use a staple remover to open a key ring

Split key rings are great for securing keys, but sometimes they’re so stiff that opening them is a pain—literally. Instead of sacrificing your fingers and fingernails, use a staple remover. Place the teeth of the staple remover between the rings and press down to separate them.

Bonus hack:

Have a seat warmer? Next time you pick up dinner from your favorite pizza place, turn on the seat warmer before you set your food on the seat. This will keep your pie nice toasty and fresh on the way home.

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